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One of a kind technology

Our unique patented technology provides a fishing lure with actuated hooks, which extends a plurality of hooks when a fishing line is pulled. The fishing lures with actuated hooks (fishing lures) preferably include a fish housing, a hook retainer, a hook cam, a pull pin, a plurality of hooks, and a compression spring.


Each hook includes a hook end, a swing arm, and an eyelet. The hook end includes a barbed end and a rod end. The swing arm extends outward substantially perpendicular to the rod end. The swingarm is terminated with the eyelet.

Harpoon Lure on a line

This ain't your granddad's lure

The Harpoon Lure allows you to target a species more accurately and cast further into heavy cover or weedy terrain with less mess than traditional lures using live bait.

Harpoon Lures technology
Harpoon Lure figure illustration


Depending on the day, cloud cover, and watery terrain, lures are easily interchangeable from one color scheme to another when trying to find the right one. 


Harpoon Lures allow for better catch and release, as fish are less likely to gulp the entire hook. They also leave fish habitats relatively undisturbed.

Harpoon Lures_Bass Texture-1.png

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